Welcome to Eutropia

A guide to virtual travel in the future
By Jing Yu & Harshini Karunaratne

In the year 2030, our planet is called EarthX. But we all refer to it colloquially as Dystopia.

Global warming ensues. There are perpetual wildfires. And the pandemic has no end in sight.

Our means of escape is the Metaverse… Glasses on, we can transport anywhere.

It offers a personal sanctuary, in a time of crisis.

Airlines and museums had to adapt and exist in the Metaverse. They provide experiences of worlds that no longer exist, or entry into spaces of exclusivity.

Facebook monopolized the Metaverse. They imposed their own rules and it became a colonized space. Not everyone was visible. Racism, sexism, censorship… they still exist.

But we can build our own spaces. Be whoever we want to be. What started as fiction, felt very real. Greater importance was placed on the imagination.

Artists became highly valued.

Concerts, movie nights, exhibitions…. I can transport myself from one place to another. Some spaces are free and accessible. Others are limited – reserved for the elite who have endless currency to spend.

My digital self will live on long after my physical body.

It will continue to travel and explore, and interact with new entrants to the space.

Maybe you can visit me one day. And see what I was like.


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