– This performance is for LAPTOP/PC only and will not function on mobile.
– Kindly make sure your browser is updated.
– We recommend using Google Chrome.
Close your tabs so you’re not distracted 😉
– If possible, close any apps running in the background.

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When once the sky was blue

In the not-so-distant future, the world has been consumed by darkness. In this eerie world stand three cloaked figures, glowing in the darkness. They beckon you to come closer, and in a collective voice say to you: “Do you remember when the sky was blue?”

This immersive web experience aims to deal with eco-grief and collective trauma during the Anthropocene. Through poetry, visuals and immersive sound, be guided through a journey exploring three ecosystems from the comfort of your home. You choose where to begin in this performance encouraging mindfulness practices.

Written and directed by: Harshini J. Karunaratne
Sound design by: Keira J. Simmons
Programmer: Naushikha Jayawickrama
Dramaturg: Carlos Paez
3D artist: Leo El-azhab

Technical support from: Tommy Wong, Steven Wyks, Junior Garcia, Adham Chaokhi, Shantanu Bhatia

Special thanks to: Judi Olson, Arthur de Oliveira, Steve Tiseo, Gabriel Jimenez, Chirath Harshane, Zx! Software

With support from: Theater Mitu Hybrid Arts Lab